New 7000 job vacancies in Estonia for Ukrainian refugees

A maximum of 7,000 jobs exist in Estonia for all Ukrainian refugees via the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

In this respect, Deputy Secretary-General for Labor Policy there at the Ministry of Social Affairs Ulla Saar said that it is essential for Estonia that the Ukrainian refugees who’ve already arrived in the country be able to become independent as quickly as possible and find a decent job, reports.

“For instance, with the help of career advisors and professionals, we may look at the hindrances that working-class migrants that have not yet joined the labor market are confronted with.” This could be due to caring for small children, working remotely for a Ukrainian company, or the necessity to update skills to find appropriate employment,” she explained.

According to recent Estonian statistics, a substantial number of working-age adults who were granted temporary protection found jobs in a short period from March and June. According to these figures, the rate of employment of those aged 20 to 64 who have been given temporary protection is growing by the week and has already reached 38%.
Kaja Sutra, the chief analyst at Estonia Statistics, emphasized that while Ukrainian refugees were relatively educated, their lack of Estonian language expertise would drive them to work in jobs for which they are highly qualified based on their educational level.

Estonia’s old town of Tallinn

“In comparison to the overall labor market, there are substantially more Ukrainian nationals, mostly among unskilled employees as well as craft and similar industries workers, and comparatively fewer among managers and professionals,” he noted.

Cleaners are the most prevalent occupation among Ukrainian refugees with a special provision, whereas welders are the most common occupation among those with permanent residency permits. Furthermore, people without special provisions and Ukrainian residents with relatively brief work permits are more likely to work as packers.

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However, the latter category contains a large number of talented professionals, particularly software developers. Furthermore, economic activity is the most popular among Ukrainians.
Temporary protection recipients are more likely to work in the trade sector, as well as in lodging and food service, therefore there are significant disparities in their activities. As a result, Ukrainian residents with short-term work permits are much more likely to find work in administrative and support services, as well as construction.
On June 16, Estonia disclosed that it has admitted over 40,000 Ukrainian migrants since May 24 and that every one of them had been granted temporary protection.
At the same time, Estonian Foreign Minister Andres Sutt declared that the government will provide €200,000 in emergency relief to Ukrainian refugees.

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