Agropur to invest $34m in Truro ice cream production

Agropur dairy cooperative will invest $34 million in Truro ice cream production, producing new employment and economic benefits.

A dairy processing factory in Truro, N.S., announced a multi-million dollar expansion Friday, which the company claims would result in additional high-quality employment and economic spin-offs in the region.

The company “The Agropur Dairy Cooperative, usually shortened to Agropur”, is headquartered in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, and is a North American dairy cooperative founded in 1938.

Agropur, the creator of ice cream, is investing $34 million in its Truro ice-cream novelties factory to produce new brands of frozen delicacies.

The firm says it expects to recruit another 25 people in the months ahead to enhance output and restructure the factory to accommodate the increased demand.

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“With our new production line and increased volume capability, this expansion and $34-million investment is at an exceptionally exciting moment,” said Robert Bowman, site manager at Truro’s Agropur facility.

Truro Mayor Bill Mills expressed his delight at the company’s news.

“This investment undoubtedly adds to our town’s economic development and gives a powerful signal that Truro is a fantastic area to invest,” Mills said in a news release Friday.

Among others, this is the greatest plant capital expenditure made in Canada in the previous five years, according to Jeannie van Dyk, vice-president of Agropur’s board and administrator for the Atlantic area.

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“This underscores Agropur’s significance in the Atlantic region, as well as our commitment to remaining a vital member in the region and seizing the possibilities that come with it,” she said.

Inside the factory, construction will begin next week and will be completed next year.

Agropur was formed in 1938 and has evolved to become a key participant in the dairy market in North America, with $7.3 billion in revenue last year.

Agropur is a cooperative with 2,908 members and 7,500 workers all striving toward the same goal: “Better dairy. A better job.”

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