Labor Ministry’s Ergani: 100,000 Jobs added to the market

According to Ergani system statistics, employment increased in May, but the food service and tourist industries failed to attract young employees. There report shows that employment neared the previous year’s record levels in the preceding month, having 99,956 new positions generated in May 2022.

With the economy focused on tourism and early indicators pointing to a bumper year, businesses pursued recruiting, which triumphed against layoffs, leading to the creation of over 100,000 new employment.

Nonetheless, 60 percent of the positions were filled by persons over the age of 30, since young people have turned away from seasonal or occasional work in the food service and tourist industries, causing enterprises to struggle to recruit employees. Nearly three out of every ten hires were for those over the age of 45, with another 30% for people between the ages of 30 and 44 years, that is people with expertise in tourism or restaurant work who are working in the business and are aware of the effects of seasonal work.

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The majority of new employment (32,012) was for workers aged 45-64, followed by 30-44-year-olds (30,170 new jobs), and the youngest employee groups (15-24 and 25-29), with 22,592 and 13,956 positions, respectively.

According to the Labor Ministry’s Ergani database, hiring in May was much higher than a year earlier, with 326,359 hires compared to 255,987 in May 2021. (a rise of 70,372 posts).

There has also been an upsurge in redundancies as government efforts to safeguard businesses and their workers from the consequences of the epidemic wind down and enterprises bound by an “employment clause” begin to let staff go. Last year, there were 58,391 layoffs; this year, there were 60,490, for a total of 118,881.

The job balance is also favorable in the year to end-May, with a total of 248,079 jobs being created, which is 70,971 over a year before.

May’s achievement ranked third in the previous 20 years. Only in 2018 (108,725 new jobs) and 2019 (105,284 new jobs) did Ergani outperform.

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