Jobs in the UK: New vacancies hit record high in 2022

According to data provided today by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, the number of open jobs in the UK (United Kingdom) hit its highest level of the year in the last week of July (REC).
According to the group’s most recent Labour Market Tracker, there are currently 1.85 million active job postings, a moderate but steady rise since mid-June. Despite the bleak forecast for the overall economy, the figure, according to Kate Shoesmith, deputy chief executive of the REC, illustrates that the labor market is still incredibly tight.

Three of the UK’s top ten recruiting hotspots were in London, which led the way, but Scotland accounted for five of the lowest ten local regions for growth. Of those, Moray witnessed a 9.8% fall in the number of job postings, Orkney Islands decreased by 6.6%, Highland decreased by 5.1%, Dumfries and Galloway decreased by 5%, and Angus and Dundee City down by 4.7%.

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The total increase in active listings, according to Ms. Shoesmith, underscores the reality that firms are leaving job postings available for longer as they battle to attract potential employees.
In each of the past four weeks that the REC has been keeping track of, the number of new positions that have been advertised has remained largely consistent between 180,000 and 200,000. 182,000 new job listings were made during the last week of July, which is 22% fewer than the year’s peak total of 234,000 made at the start of March.

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Since firms are needing to think carefully about salary, conditions, and perks in the race for employees, Ms. Shoesmith said that this is a “wonderful moment” to be a job seeker. The magnitude of the upcoming economic slump and whether it results in widespread job losses will be the major questions in the following months.
As there is currently no workable assistance package for firms to handle these mounting expenses, there is a risk that employers may have to reprioritize as costs climb.
” We are conscious of the fact that corporate assurance in the general economy is deteriorating. Government must do its part in creating a sustainable labor market in addition to helping individuals and companies get through the current crisis.

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We require a long-term workforce plan that integrates childcare and local transportation within the framework of our labor market and addresses skills, immigration, and both.
The last week of July saw a considerable increase in advertisements for dancers (+11.1%), driving teachers (+12.4%), and actors and entertainers (+13.0%). Postings for jobs related to water and waste also increased, including those for workers at water and sewage treatment facilities (+9.5%).
Contrarily, probation officers had the largest weekly drop in active job listings (-10.4 percent). Additionally, the different healthcare industries saw significant declines, particularly for paramedics (-6.6%), childminders (-8.3%), and hospital porters (-8.3%). (-5.3 percent ).