Relief to job seekers as Workforce replaces Jobsactive

With the help of Workforce Australia, the Albanese Labor Government is proposing improvements to the new job placement system so that job searchers may begin with a fresh slate and have more freedom in how they prepare for work. A fresh start and greater flexibility for job hunters in Australia.

On July 4, Workforce Australia will take over for jobactive. Participants in jobactive were required to complete 20 application forms as a mutual commitment in exchange for monetary support.

The government believes in mutual duty, but jobactive was a rigorous system that frequently resulted in job seekers applying for jobs they were not qualified for, squandering their time, and waiting for the cost of employers.

Labour-force Australia will instead be based on a points-based activation system, giving participants greater flexibility and control over how they satisfy their mutual obligations.

Shortly before the election, the former federal administration locked in the points-based system and inked contracts worth more than $7 billion with suppliers. However, the new method was never effectively explained to the Australian people.

That is one of the grounds the new government is instituting a “clean slate” policy, which means that those who collected fines or disadvantages under the old system will have to start over under the new ones.

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A new system with Workforce implies a new beginning

This decision will provide participants with several months to acclimatize to the new regime with minimum financial risk.

I’ve also collaborated with my section to make other urgent adjustments, such as: • increasing the point value associated with a variety of activities that assist individuals to get job-ready and secure employment (see attached).

  • Ensuring that someone who is pursuing full-time education or training to better their long-term work chances is not jeopardizing their qualifications. This includes making sure that disadvantaged persons do not have to look for work if they are enrolled in approved short-term full-time courses.

lowering the new minimum monthly job search criteria from five to four.

  • Lowering the point objective for some participants in order to better recognize personal circumstances and bad labor market conditions that may impair their ability to find jobs.

These reforms will create genuine rewards for those who go above and beyond to be job-ready.

It is crucial to stress that persons who continue to do precisely whatever they did under the previous system – request 20 jobs each month – will still complete their points criteria and therefore fulfill their common commitment.

Further information about the adjustments and the new conditions will be sent to individuals impacted via their existing jobactive inbox. Additional personnel is also being dispatched to the Digital Services Help Desk to assist anyone who has queries or needs assistance adjusting to the new arrangements.

More details regarding the system and these adjustments are available at


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